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Lubricating the moving parts is highly essential in general garage door maintenance. This enables friction free door garage door operation. You can use lithium grease or light motor oil, but it would be best if you use the oil recommended by the contractor who installed your door opener. Grease or oil the metal parts of your garage door opener including the chain rollers, screws, hinges, pulleys, and more.

Dents Removal

Minor dents commonly appear on flimsy panels. This usually happens while on aluminum garage door panels. Needless to say, you can repair them easily and quickly. You can use a large piece of cloth and a hammer to remove the dents using hammer movements.


Ventilation is another important aspect that you must take into account during garage door general maintenance. Because they are often made in metal, garage doors can get colder in winter and get hotter in summer. You can lower the humidity inside your garage by installing an exhaust fan near the door.

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